C.I.A. s.r.l. is constantly working with important Italian and foreign universities and research centres to develop new technologies involving industrial automation, and robotics.

Development as well as research, is a fundamental element for the technological improvement of our products.

That is the reason why C.I.A. s.r.l. works with large manufacturers and research organisations to put the solutions it has developed into practice.

Some of our partners:

Polytechnic of Milan, Electronics Department
Production of robotics laboratory CNR-ITIA:
Hardware and software development of laser scanning system and STEREOVISION off-line programming software

Development of system of robot-based welding and brazing. Project financed by EU

Garfagnana Innovazione:
Research and development of robot-based cells for working on marble and stone.

MIT Boston:
Creation in partnership with Carlo Ratti Associates and Kuka Robotics of the MAKR SHAKR system, an innovative project to create a automated bar